(Yesterday was alright, it was a slow day for awhile, but things eventually picked up toward the evening. I recieved a total of five movies, Race to Witch Mountain and Tremors one through four. Did you know that they’re in the process of making a fifth Tremors movie?)

Last Sunday I was at the other church and the pastor was talking about clay pots. Then he played a video about a potter attempting to work on three different lumps of clay. One lump of clay was too hard and could not be shaped, and so the potter threw it into water. One lump of clay was too soft and would not hold a shape, and so the potter put it aside. The third lump was neither too soft or too hard, but just right. It could be shaped and put to good use. We often sing, “You are the potter … I am the clay” but we don’t often think about what that means when its applied to our lives. Some of us are so set in our ways and beliefs that when God attempts to point something out in our lives, we resist His touch. We refuse to yield to His will because we believe that we already have it all down. Some of us are just the opposite. We’re looking into anything and everything for the truth and we refuse to stand for the truth as it is. We get built up and we tear ourselves down unable to handle Him as He really is. Too few of us know what it is to just be right in the middle. We see such people from time to time though, Mother Teresa, Billy Graham, were both more surrendered to God than to anybody else and they changed the world. There’s no telling how you could change the world if you would just let God make something more of you.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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