Point of View

It’s not often that I entirely loose track of time so much so that I neglect my usuals, but it does happen from time to time. It’s not like I would have had much to say, if anything at all, anyway. Not too much has been happening, so I can safely say you’ve missed out on nothing.

Thinking back on some of the things I’ve posted, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve been a little harsh on the Church in general. I know that I’m just a still small voice. You likely won’t hear the man in the pew next to you ask, “What do you think about what TheUnmaskedAvenger posted yesterday?” Much of what I have to say simply won’t be heard at all. I guess that’s alright, considering the words aren’t for just everybody. Maybe they’re written down today for its itended target to find a week, a month, or even a year from now.

Where was I? Oh, harsh. I just had certain expectations that really aren’t being fulfilled. I’m afraid if I don’t say, “Hey! Look out! That floor isn’t solid! You could fall through!” that people will hear, “You know, it’s no skin off of my nose, but I thought you ought to know that floor could give way any second now. It’s up to you though. I don’t really care.”

Sometimes I don’t understand how churches fulfill their obligations. They want to be a family and get along. They don’t want to be too close to the other church families in their area. I’m still in between churches. I could attend my grandfather’s church. I could attend the kinda far away contemporary church. There isn’t really a happy medium that would suit us all.

I’m also afraid that I’m reaching the point where I talk about the same ol’ same old. It’s a book that’s been talked about for well over two-thousand years, and for some odd reason I continue to search for something new to say. Perhaps though, I should relish the silence and let God speak for Himself.

One thing I would like to see would be a concerted effort on the part of Christians to make right the wrongs they’ve committed while representing the faith. It’s a hard thing to describe, let me try another way. We know that there are hundreds of churches and likely thousands of people who have been burnt by their church in the past. Some churches, for example, know everybody’s business and might commit a slight against a private sort of person. Others might make the poor uncomfortable by their bragging over the gifts of their wealthy brothers and sisters. Sometimes the slighted walk out of those doors, never intending to walk into the doors of any church ever again. I don’t see alot of effort on churches to reach these people, figure out what went wrong, and do what must be done to set it right. That is, after a certain amount of time the members just sit there and realize, “My, my, my, it certain has been awhile since we last saw so-and-so. I do hope they’re getting along well.”

Have you seen that movie about a stranger who walks into town, agrees to carve a statue for one church, begins the rebuilding of another church and repairs people’s relationships in the process? He takes a father to a rock concert and tells him, “One man’s rock concert is another man’s church service.” His son is the newest electric guitar player on the stage. I’d like one of those every now and then instead of condemnation over differing worship styles. God made us all different, to worship him in different ways as it seems best to each of us. It’s time to start comming together and stop tearing ourselves apart.


One thought on “Point of View

  1. Lots of puzzling things about what God had in mind for his church… seems like man has messed it up quite a lot. But maybe God’s light shines out from them more than we think… keep pondering


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