More than Money

The Pharisees of old were known for their giving. They’d give up to 10% of everything from their oil, to their spices, to their wealth. In fact, they’d figure how much extra they had and they gave out of that. Every week they would be at the front of the lines giving away and making sure everybody knew it. However, when it came to their giving of things like justice and mercy, they failed miserably. Today the average American Christian probably makes more in a week than a Pharisee could have in a month. (Just a wild guess though, there’s no real way to tell.) Unlike them, our giving is usually monetarily only. About a month ago, a church in Texas had it’s donations stolen. Another church in Florida declined a donation of $600,000 from a lottery winner. Another Florida church had it’s $3000 donation accidently blown up, but that’s life. In one movie, one person even donates his house to a church ministry, short lived as it was. Some churches demand that it’s members give the minimum, however other churches are famous for the king’s ransom it asks of its members. Some people even see the ministry as a way to be financially wealthy despite the Bible’s own words that it is not possible or praiseworthy. We may not give ten percent of our food or electronics, but we must also remember to give things like justice and mercy, or else we’re no better than the Pharisees.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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