Sharing Isn’t Always The Best Policy

“There were once two men, one of them was hoarding his crop. Should he not share with the other man?” – A Prior of the Ori

There are alot of reasons why one man might keep his crop to himself. He might have grown only enough for himself and his family. He might have lost half of the planted crop to weather conditions, disease, or pests. He might be intending to sell that which he cannot use. He might be intending to give a portion to another. Then again, he could be growing something that is poisonous and ought not be shared. My question is what was the other man up to? What kept his attention so that he could not provide for himself? Was he counting his chickens before they hatched?

There are alot of reasons why one man might keep his knowledge to himself. Some groups are not responsible to only use knowledge for the good. In reality and science fiction, you can count on a group given the advantage of advanced knowledge using it against their greatest enemy. With every discovery that increases knowledge, there is a time of growing up. It usually costs peoples’ lives. Most of the first steam-ships exploded on the Mississippi River before the design was perfected. Early airplaines and jets went through several pilots in the process of creating a safe mode of transportation. Some of our biggest construction projects carry the biggest death tolls among its workers. It’s a hard lesson learned. Even more of a hard lesson is that of consequences.

In another epside of Stargate Sg-1, the Priors did give an advanced sattelite design to use in the defense of the planet and destruction of unbelievers. One cold war-esque nation aimed it’s new toy at it’s neighbor and killed hundreds of thousands in a single shot. Once the thing was disabled and the Tau’ri evacuated to Earth, the team recived a final message. The planet in question was now in a World War between the religious zealots and their uneasy neighbor. Then, nobody heard from them ever again, presumably, they had totally destroyed each other. In the real world, things don’t end up that neatly. That is why we must keep our knowledge, our crop to ourselves. The sharing will come in the due time that they have a crop of knowledge for themselves.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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