He’s So High Above Me

The scriptures reveal to us God’s many names and titles including Most High God. In the course of time, the popular meaning of the word high no longer meant the distance an object was suspended above the ground, but a state of being that alters mental perception as a result of drug use. So when I say high, know that I’m referring to the first definition.

For the last little while, a popular song from the 90s has been in my head, “She’s So High Above Me,” by Everclear. It strikes me that we have lost respect for the original meaning of the word high. It made me think, just how many ways are there for a person to be suspended a considerable distance from the ground? Militarily, rank increases allow a King to be the highest authority. Politically, a King is the highest diplomat in his country. In both cases, God’s title of Kings of Kings makes him the highest authority and diplomat.

Artistically speaking, God has inspired countless generations of artists to create masterpieces that are among the most well-known works of art. David, the Last Supper, The Sistine Chapel, etc. He is our highest muse. He is our highest architect as well, having made heaven and earth and instructed the Israelites to build copies of heavenly structures.

He is also the Highest Judge, which we will all see for ourselves one day. No matter how far we send our astronauts, He’s already been out there waiting for them. And so here we are. We forget just how high He is above us in every way. We use His Name in ways other than what was intended and quite irreverently at that! Instead of honoring Him as the Most High God He is, we use His name quite lowly.

Yet, even though He is so high, He came down to bring us up to Him. He made a way to save us from the depths of Hell and raise us to His home in Heaven. He became the final sacrifice, He allowed His blood to be shed, and He was resurrected. He is high in every way, and He is highly interested in you. Isn’t that something?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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