I’ve made my verdict that being here is much better than we used to live. For one, it’s not cold. It’s also not chilly. It doesn’t really get freezing either. Sure, there is a winter season, but it much less severe and much shorter. I’ve visited here in the summer and I know that it can get pretty hot down here. Much warmer than the old place would in summer.

The only downside is that to go get anything, you have to go somewhere fairly far away. It’s a sixty mile round-trip to get to a Wal-mart or Aldi’s, in our old town it was a five minute trip. Occasionally, the two local big cities won’t carry the things we need, so we have to travel to a much further big city to find it.

Another thing that puts miles on our car is the search for a church. It’s one thing to just show up on Sunday mornings, but to truely integrate, start showing up on Sunday evenings and Wednesdays too is another big trip. With our construction on the house getting ever closer to finished we are presented with a problem. Church a is close to the rental, far from the property. Church b is close to the property, far from the rental. Even worse, we’re not really sure we should be attending either of them, but we haven’t found anything that suits us. It’s not like we really know alot of people at either church. The reality is that we left the perfect church and we are not going to find it down here. It’s where we used to live, but we live here now.

There are some things down here that we didn’t have up north. Sonic namely. It was such a piece of my childhood, it’s nice to have one around here. They just put in another grocery store to break a monopoly of food. I haven’t seen prices change much to be more competative, but it takes time. There is a rather famous park not too distant, but it isn’t exactly close either. I’m afraid I’d get bored of it though.

Still, I have a feeling like I arrived at the party far too late. I don’t see anybody my age around here. When I do they’re married with two kids running around. I have a feeling that the only hangout is a bar, a place I most certainly do not want to hang out at.

All in all, upside – good weather, great country views, pretty quiet.

But the downside – distant drives, church woes, still no friends.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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