Confessions of a Pharisee: On Salvation

So as you’ve noticed, the conversation takes yet another turn. After a bit of namecalling, it gets back on track …

Pharisee: Obey the commandments of the lord your God.
Host A: OK, I got that.
Pharisee: And get his blessings.
Host A: Now you spoke.
Pharisee: There is only one remedy.
Host A: Now you listen to me. Here’s what your remedy is.
Pharisee: You repent like the men of Nineveh or you, this nation s doomed. You think it’s bad so far, you’re going to find bodies stacked up so that you can’t even bury them.

God could have created people that would automatically believe in Him, always obey Him, and love Him as they should. He didn’t though. He made us and we made a mess of things. Nineveh was not a good example. When Jonah came, they changed their ways, but the change didn’t hold. Four hundred years later Nahum was sent to them to tell them what to expect. There is more to following God than ‘obey or punishment.’ Like the Pharisees before them, they have failed to carry out the spirit of the law. In essence, they are disobedient. Throughout the entire interview the word love is only said twice. It needs to be said more often. It needs to be said until we take it in like sweet music, delicious dessert, beautiful art, and a good read. It needs to be said until it invokes compassionate action on our parts.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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