Confessions of a Pharisee: On The Wages of Sin

Pharisee: Then you will obey.
Host A: You are a religious…
Host B: We’ve got to run. Do you deserve to die, too?
Pharisee: All of us do. Every one of us.
Host B: God is going to smite you at some point?
Pharisee: No, I said we all deserve to die, but the mercy of God to his people that serve him is what prevails.

* Whispers * Observe the Pharisee in his or her natural setting. They are right, you are wrong. This fine specimen of a not so rare species sits there so certain of her words, regardless of its meaning or even the way those words sound to us. We have already seen her outright lie, or at least, contradict herself. But this species can’t resist yet another contradiction. I have but one solid piece of advice should you ever see a Pharisee walking your way, turn around and run. Chances are that they can’t keep up with you. * Cue Ending Music*

All right now, seriously. I’ve known alot of people in my time. Many of them were Christians with a heart of service. Is the Pharisee saying that those who serve God will get God’s mercy in the form of not dying? What would she say about the Mennonite Crash that killed eleven people? The Anderson University Crash that left one girl mistaken for another who died? Randy Travis’ song about crosses along the highway? Were they ‘not Christian enough’ or ‘not serving enough’? When the Pharisee pushes up dasies, will her church members say of her, “We gather to honor a most Christian woman.” While they whisper, “She could have lived a few more years yet, she probably wasn’t serving enough. Do you think we ought to take over the public relations ministry so her fate isn’t ours?” Like in the movie The Island, your time will come. It might be in your old age, your middle age, or even in your young age. It will be the natural conclusion of your life and the beginning of your afterlife. It will not be because you didn’t hand out enough tracts, didn’t visit enough people, didn’t bring enough visitors to church, didn’t serve God enough, etc. The wages of sin is death, and no amout of service can pay that. Only faith in Jesus can pay down that cost.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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