Host: Hello there, I’m Eva and I’m here talking with a rather unique guest … First of all, what do you like to call yourself?

Guest: I’d like to call myself Evelyn, but I’ve been a Eva all my life and it’s too late to insist on the long version now.

Host: So Eva it is.

Guest: Right.

Host: Let’s get started. What do you have to say for yourself?

Guest: *Takes a deep breath* I’d have to say that I try to be the best I can. It’s not always easy. Sometimes I make things too difficult for myself.

Host: Can you give me an example?

Guest: No not really, at least not off of the top of my head. give me a minute to think about it. (Five minutes later …) I think I make unrealistic expectations of myself and I’m upset when I fail to met them.

Host: Aren’t you left-handed?

Guest: Yes I am. It in runs in the family. Is that significant?

Host: Not particularly. It was just written at the top of this notecard.It also states that you consider making decisions one of your greatest weaknesses.

Guest: Yes. No. Possibly. I … I think so. It’s just that I can never quite tell if the other option would have made me happier.

Host: I understand that it runs in the family.

Guest: It does. One of the few things that I get from my father. In my case it’s at it worst when I have to choose between two similar options. In his case it is different.

Host: It doesn’t sound like you think you inherited many traits from your father.

Guest: I take so much after my mother’s side, it is hard to find any commonalities between me and my father’s side. One instance at church when we were discussing the subject even the whole group failed to think up even one thing I had inherited from him.

Host: What didn’t you inherit from your mother’s side?

Guest: I seem to lack any talent for making music. She’s well-known for her singing and guitar playing.

Host: Do you have any traits that neither of your parents have?

Guest: I honestly think my tendency to write, my love for words, and certain aspects of creativity are rather unique.

Host: Unique is the word. I think we will find out just how unique in the conversation to come.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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