Repair Woes

One day, Mr. Jones’ car started leaking. Concerned, he took it to a mechanic.

Mechanic 1: I see that you’re on the state plan. It’s too expensive for me to repair your car right now. If you’ll take a seat and wait for two more customers, then I might be able to do something about it.

Feeling rather annoyed by the lack of service, he had his car towed to another repair shop.

Mechanic 2: The state plan? You wouldn’t believe how many expensive cars I’ve seen get fixed under the state plan. Unfortunately, I haven’t been paid for any of them. I can’t fix your car because the council is deliberating if they’re going to keep the state plan as it is. Come back in a week and we’ll see if I can do anything.

Next few shops, next few mechanics …

Mechanic 3: You’re in luck, I do fix vehicles by the state standard. You’re also the ninth customer today, so I’ll be able to get you in the third repair shift. In order to be fully compliant with the established wait time, you’re going to have to meet me part way. If I let you wait four hours outside, then when we bring your car in, the official four hour wait time can begin.

Mechanic 4: The state plan council has removed my liscence to repair cars for failing to follow the reccomendations. Silly me, I thought rules were supposed to be followed and reccomendations could be ignored. Anyway, the union says that I have to be working here but I just can’t fix anything for awhile, a month or so, tops.

Mechanic 5: I’m your fifth mechanic on this issue? The last mechanic should have explained that after three mechanics you’re supposed to file a GRX-017 form with the state plan sub-council on bypassing repair restrictions. I know, it’s so complicated it gives me a headache. Good thing you only have a hole in your hose. My neighbor had that problem once. He solved it with duct tape before it was banned for being too sticky.

As you walk out the door, you notice an empty collection jar with a sign, “It’s the Christian thing to provide for those who have not. Support the State Plan ammendment to give all people over the age of 15 their very own car.”

Is it more Christian to support legislation that would change the way things are or to provide the change a person needs out of your own pocket?

(I’m not saying that healthcare reform shouldn’t happen, but I’m afraid that any system that relies on people in any way shape or form cannot be perfect. Take a look at the good and the bad health care systems around the world. There are many issues that can’t be fixed in the space of a year or two. We all know that our leadership is imperfect and tend to put their careers over the needs and wants of their constituents. That’s how the politcians got the better end of the stick, they voted that they get the care and the taxpayers foot the bill. Just because we all should get the same plan does not mean we will. Just because we all get the same plan it does not mean that it is any good. Why on earth would we want to be like everybody else who is on government number five and can’t afford to pay the state plan’s expenses? Haven’t we seen the news reports in that as little as five years most of the plans will be bankrupt? Why would we risk the same thing? Why?)

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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