The Jaffa Master and his student were training on the snowy hill. Frustrated with the blindfold, the student takes it off and demands to learn something useful. The master knocks him down and says, “You have eyes to see and ears to hear, but you will not learn!” The lesson continues about using all of ones senses in battle, ones own wits to survive.

The Jaffa Master was right, learning escapes us. We are like little kids who are told not to touch the stove because it is hot. When nobody is looking, we reach to the stove and we get burnt. Then we grow up and tell our kids the same thing. Seconds later, they burn themselves to satisfy their curiosity. We repeat the mistakes of the past. Only once we feel the consequences do we learn from them. Then when it is the next generations turn, they repeat the same mistakes. We do not learn and we do not pass our knowledge down to the next generation.

We never learn from our past mistakes, the mistakes of generations before. We’re calling the shots from an old playbook that didn’t win any games. Yet we expect our leaders promises that our problems will be over soon to be fulfilled. Our future is our past, doomed to be repeated.

Eyes to see – We watch television, look around the internet, view pictures, and see videos. We just don’t have our eyes open to the opportunities around us to actively learn something.

Ears to hear – We listen to music, talk to our friends, hear movies, but again, we’re not actively listening to the opportunities around us to actively learn something.

Will not learn – Our senses are dulled to think that our education ends at college. It does not. We’re always ought to be learning and teaching what we know.

What is one lesson you wish you had learned when you were younger? What is one lesson you will pass down to the next generation?

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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