A Thing About Tech

Thanks to technology …

We have ‘friends’ whom we have not met before.
We have ‘worlds’ to explore with out ‘friends’.
We have ‘games’ to play with our ‘friends’ and other complete strangers.
We have put two people from the opposite side of the globe in the same place at the same time.
We have our fifteen seconds of fame with everybody else.

We haven’t gone outside to play in ages.
We wouldn’t know what to do outside anyway.
We haven’t moved from this chair since we don’t know when.
Yesterday? The day before maybe?
We don’t really know what’s going on outside of our door, nor do we care.

Technology has it’s ups and its down. In some oriential cities, the prevalence of technology has replaced the human relationships that once brought value to our everyday lives. The problem is that technology has it’s limits. I’m not saying that we should go without technology all-together. I rather like indoor plumbing, air conditioning, and heating. I’d also like to have a friend who doesn’t know me by my username alone, but knows my name and me personally. I could go on and on, but I’ll let science fiction do the talking:

I, Robot – The AI reached the conclusion that the human race could not care for itself and decided to impose strict limits on what its creaters could or could not do.
The Haven, Outer Limits – The AI reached the conclusion that the humans needed something it could not provide, interaction with each other. It created a series of malfunctions that forced people to work together to overcome obstacles.
Terminator – America’s defense AI becomes self-aware and decides to do away with man altogether.
The Matrix – The AI farms people for the power they generate.
A Thing About Machines, Twilight Zone – Malfunctioning machines lead to a paranoid man’s apparent heart attack.

In real life, however, the prevalance of technology had lead to the development of smart homes. We can only hope that they are smart,  but not too smart. Techology tends to isolate, but only because we let it. There is plenty of real world to explore with real life friends.


One thought on “A Thing About Tech

  1. Taking the Bible at face value we know that technology will always be there (two witnesses in revelation seen by whole world) but we also know that man’s sin will reach fever pitch.  That sin will undoubtedly be aided by technology.  May God help his faithful!


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