It is your choice

Yesterday was not that great of a day. It ended with a close relative going to the emergency room to see if there were heart issues. They kept that relative overnight and have run a battery of tests, but as of yet they aren’t quite sure what is wrong. It seems like my grandparents are all healthy, but my parents, aunts, and uncles are facing more serious health issues. Their choices are catching up to them.

Some Christians don’t seem to care about their health. As far as they are concerned fairly bad health brings them that much closer to heaven. Others are more motivated to take care of themselves for whatever reason. Here is another one, if you value other people and do take care of yourself, you will have much more time to reach more people. You will have that much more time to talk to your family.

Some people won’t even think of eating right or exercising until they’ve thoroughly endangered their lives. It’s the human thing, really. Until you are a step away from death, you might not think about doing what you can to prolong your life. I know that life isn’t guaranteed tomorrow, not for anybody. But I think that other verse applies, he who can be trusted with little can be trusted with much. If you can be trusted with a little bit of your life, you can be trusted with even more of your life. Live or live well. It is your choice, make the most of it.


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