Race III

One of the places were race matters most today is in any of our prisons. Most residents keep apart from other races. Many others wear tattoos that identify them as members of various racist groups or subscribers of various racist philosophies. I understand that prison is the place where you do whatever you have to in order to get by. If you did something to get you there, you’ll do whatever it takes to get out of there in one piece. Of course, if you are in prison, racism is the least of your problems.

“I think he was doomed to be a failure – being biracial and all.” Someone said of another in a conversation I might have eavesdropped as I was going toward my destination. Is belonging to two races a disadvantage? I think not. With anything it will be difficult to adjust, find your true identity, get over any confusion, and deal with others who will make fun of you. But if you can get past that intact, then there are a few advantages. Certain scholarships and other considerations, employment, if he ever gets tired of being one race, he has the other to fall back on. No body can help their parents, their race, or their circumstances, but they can help their attitude. It’s not as if biracial people haven’t accomplished great things. Isn’t our own president, in fact, biracial?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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