Unlucky IV

So, you messed up again. Did something wrong. If you believe in karma, you will eventually get got. If you believe in God, you have some options.
1.) Repent – say you’re sorry and mean it this time.
2.) Ask for Mercy – you know you deserve what’s coming, but ask to get out of it. You never know, you just might.
Note that Bargain isn’t an option. It usually sounds like this, “God, if you’ll give me a winning lottery ticket today, I’ve give you ten – no fifteen percent and … uh … oh! I’ll pray every other day.” This isn’t about what you can do for God and what God can do for you. It’s about what God will do for you because you belong to Him. He has already died and been resurrected for your benefit, its not as if He is unwilling to do anything else beyond that. You just have to ask him on His terms and be willing to follow His instructions. There have been a few instances in the Scripture were God was set on destroying something and he changed his mind. However, he has not always removed the consequences of certain actions. When David was unfaithful concerning the murder of Bathsheba’s husband and the events surrounding that whole episode, God forgave David when he came to repentance and fasting, but he took his child’s life. You will not always get out of the consequences of your actions.

Superstition, isn’t guided by anything particular. There is no logical or scientific basis behind how much or little your day-to-day events are affected by a black cat crossing your path, walking under a ladder, or spilling salt. Sometimes spilling salt is just spilling salt. Have you so little faith that you need to carry a rabbit’s foot to brighten your day? Whatever happened to that poor rabbit’s other three feet? Do you truly believe that you can change your status in life by carefully following senseless and conflicting rules that number in the hundreds? There is nothing greater about superstitions, it just keeps you busy to keep you from God.

Which brings me back to the beginning, a seemingly very unlucky man who had managed to find love across the street. He might take to superstition and karma, but God overrides those things. By definitions, karma cannot be greater than God. That’s what I love about God, he loves us despite our many imperfections and quirks. We don’t have to know everything about God to believe in Him, we just have to believe Him. Can a Christian believe in karma? That’s up to you to decide. Any belief that distracts you from God isn’t good. Any belief that contradicts what you already believe about God is worse. Any belief that takes away God’s glory and credits it to another is pretty bad. We might not have a lot of control over the things that happen in our day to day lives, but we can control the things that we do believe. Where do you stand on good luck, bad luck, superstition, karma, and God’s influence / interference on your life?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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