There are some conditions that run in the family, passed from parent to child, from one generation to the next. Sometimes they are medical, like heart disease or diabetes. Sometimes they are spiritual, like pride or hatred. Sometimes it skips a generation. Sometimes it is a unique occurrence. Sometimes it is all too common. When it comes to medical conditions, there are many options: education, counseling, preemptive procedures, and/or a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to spiritual conditions our choices are quite similar –
Educate yourself as to the nature of your spiritual condition.
Consult others as to how they overcame their condition.
Preemptive procedures can prevent problems.
Maintain a healthy spiritual lifestyle, make prayer your daily exercise and God’s word your daily snack.

Some things simply cannot be inherited. By virtue of your grandparents having been Christians, you are not automatically saved. Because your father or mother believes in God, doesn’t exactly mean that you are going to the same place, just yet. Because they believed, you might choose to believe for yourself one day. You might not. Salvation is a personal thing. It’s not something that we all have because one of us happens to have a life preserver. You must have your very own life preserver if you are to be saved. The funny thing about becoming a Christian is that while you are saved and learning what that means, it’s affects every living member of your family, sort of a reverse-inheritance. Yesterday, we watched a fifty year old man come to Christ because he witnessed the way his twenty year old son changed when he became a Christian. What inheritance will you leave for your family?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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