Three Updates

(It looks like it is going to take me a total of six flights to get from here to there at a cost of $850. I can pay for half of that amount right now, and I have a source of money for the other half later. The date for the event is the last two weeks of October, so I have some time. I can’t make reservations for the flights now because the date isn’t concrete and there is a factor that could push back the event days and weeks and months even. I can’t make the reservations last minute either, because half of the seats are already taken and it could potentially double the cost. Apparently, there really isn’t an option to make a reservation without actually buying the ticket. I want to go down there and have a great time, but I don’t want to cut the visit too short or overstay my welcome either. So pray that everything works without so much as a hitch.)

(While I’m thinking on it, we’ve decided to put linoleum on the kitchen floor. Now we’re going to have to take down the cabinets, put them in the middle of the living room, clean the floor thoroughly and lay it down. We have primer on the living room walls and one coat of the finish color on the short hallway, so we have our work cut out for us. We were looking for a blue-green-gray color for the remaining areas, namely the entry, bedrooms, and closets. We tried Hot Springs, but the color just wasn’t close enough. We liked Woodlawn Silver Brook, but it was much lighter and bluer than we would have liked. I sort of feel sorry for the Lowes paint people, we’ve had to go back twice to re-tint the colors of the paint and the primer, but it was all sorted out.)

(I’ve been up to the usual, that and baking chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm cookies.)


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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