Which is it?

Church may refer to: (in the category of Religion)

There are no shortage of places to spend a few hours on Sunday morning, they come in buildings of all shapes and sizes. The services are of all types and styles. We represent countless separate ideas of how it ought to be done, and also the same heart to honor the one God we all call upon. We agree to disagree, we sometimes make it official, we sometimes keep it hidden. We are people who were trained, people who were called, and people who are just here for the food. We’re Christians. We go to church because it hardly ever comes to us.

What do you like most about your church? What is one thing that you would like to change for the better?


Of Masks and Faces

So here’s to a new year, one where I hope I’m more consistent about keeping this blog whenever I can. The good thing is that there has been a Twilight Zone Marathon on Syfy all weekend. One episode that particularly grabbed my attention was “Masks”. If you haven’t seen it, I’m about to ruin it for you. A wealthy rich old man is finally about to die, in fact, if it weren’t for that inner strength of his, he would have died long ago. His family has finally come to spend his final hours with him, but they are in for more than they bargain for. There’s a lot of talk, a break for dinner, and then some more talk in which each character is given a mask to wear. I should mention here that this is in keeping with a Mardi Gras celebration and these masks are not without their own special properties. Each character is asked about the qualities that they feel they possess and they are given the mask that represents the opposite of those qualities. The episode ends with the old man dying and his family getting every last thing he ever owned, but at a steep cost. Those masks have changed their faces, four formerly beautiful people shot straight past ugly and ended up as grotesque monsters. The thing is, the old man wasn’t fooled, those masks didn’t represent the opposite of how they were, if anything it brought out the inner ugliness into a more visible place.

That got me to thinking, say I was one of the characters and I was asked to take a serious assessment of the three qualities that best describe me, what would they be? Would the mask I be given reflect an ugly soul, one that suggested an inner beauty? Then I realized that just as the characters fancied themselves generous, kind, gentle, beautiful, friendly, and the like that I too couldn’t know my three clearest qualities because they would actually be the opposite, unless I really were the things that I thought I was. Have you seen this episode? If so, what were your thoughts? What sort of mask do you think you would have been assigned?