Cleo is Gone

My cat, Queen Cleopatra Delta has died just now. She was a Mackerel Tabby American Shorthair cat. She was born somewhere around fifteen years ago on my Grandparent’s Farm in Oklahoma. My cousin found her and her brothers and sisters as very young kittens – too young to be seperated from their mother, so we each chose one to be ours. I chose Cleo’s sisters Butterscotch ( or is it milk?). My Sister chose her brother Hershey. My cousin chose Cleo and named her. At first we only got to visit our kittens on Sundays … after a little while we had finally conviced our parents to allow us to have them. The trick was to catch them, after all, they were all wild. My older cousin managed to get Hershey without a problem. My cat managed to flee, but my cousin was able to catch Cleo. She quickly won us over and took the title Queen. While we lived in that first house, she tried to attack a duck and a goose at the same time. She put up with us as we took three days on the road to move to Indiana, semi-sedated and howling the whole way. She continued to reign at the new house, even with that close call the day we moved (yet again) to a nearby town. You see, she was in the wardrobe hiding as people hurried to and fro helping us to pack up all of our vehicles. When they finally got to the bedroom in which she was hiding, she freaked everybody out as she ran out of the room, out of the house and dissapeared into the woods. I didn’t sleep well that night … after all, my cat and I were seperated by some ten or twenty miles. Fortunately for the both of us she decided to come back to the old house and wait for us to come and pick her up. In the third house we weathered the cold winters, the summers that could have stood to be warmer. Most of all she was there for me the year that I lost both of my Grandparents in Oklahoma … she was the gift that could be with me during that difficult time. We then moved to Kentucky … to a rental house where she scared a mouse so badly it decided to drown rather than face the usual punishment … beheading. I wasn’t here when we moved to this latest house … but I made sure that my parents knew to make sure she was secured that day. She managed well during my absence and kept control of the household. She remained as healthy as ever until quite recently … it’s somewhere around fifteen to eighteen years since that day my cousins and me found her family and now it’s last member has passed on. She outlived each and every one of them as well as every pet we’ve ever had. Her death was quiet, after a few spasms … Cleo is gone. She was my trusted friend when no human thought I was worth their time. She was special to each member of our family. Independant, Reliable … it was as if she was me for us … me and now she is unmade. So bear with me for a little while … things are going to be tough.


What Happened to the Woman at the Well?

If you consider yourself a Christian and a brother / sister to all Christians in the world, then I need you to pray for your sister and the community in which she lives / lived.

It must have been a really hot day and she must have been really thirsty. Even if there was a sign that said that Christian women couldn’t drink from a particular well, she wouldn’t have been able to read it because she was illiterate. Somebody came up and told her to convert to the regional religion so that she would be allowed to drink from the well freely. Because she couldn’t read, she wasn’t able to sign the document that would have been a binding contract of conversion. So, in accordance with the local religion, she was imprisoned and charged with blasphemy. The sentence: death.

When word of this reached a local governor, he decided to take his wife and his daughter to the prison and meet the woman to hear her story from her point of view. He realized that this was a misuse of the blasphemy law(s) and did everything in his power to set this woman free. One day, in the capital of this country, the bodyguard of this governor turned on the man he was supposed to protect and he shot him dead saying that his criticism of the blasphemy laws was in itself, blasphemy.  There were two other people who agreed with the governor that this was a misuse of the blasphemy laws – one of them has since been assassinated as well.

Those of you who never let other kids bully your little brothers and sisters, it’s time to step up to help your siblings in a far away land. Word of Christ has reached this region, now it’s time to back it up with the love of Christ. Christians once annoyed the Romans by giving out to everybody who had need – and not just to other Christians. Christians once took in plague victims that others were kicking out of their homes. Let our legacy be a noble addition to this tradition – not just “… and so the Christians ignored their brothers and sisters in their time of need.”

FutureMe’s Message

TheUnmaskedAvenger’s Call

Dear FutureMe,

Hi. How are you? You’re 24 years old and living in state it took you 22 years to get to. You came from Oklahoma, got stuck in Indiana for ten cold years, and are finally in Kentucky. I hope you’ve gotten a chance to meet all your family (and remember who they are.)

Remember where you’ve been. Remember the nothingness and avoid getting caught up in it or remianing in it. You’ll never be 24 again. I know you, you’re me. You don’t like people any more than I do, and you like friends less. I’m here to tell you to move forward.

Forget the people who have rejected you. They are ultimately missing out on the pleasure of your company and the benefits of your knowledge.

Don’t feel ‘dull’ because you’ve forgotten so much. You are sharpest in that which you devote your time to.

Keep your nose clean, that is, don’t be tempted to fall in with the trouble-makers. That side of the family are a rowdy bunch and the me that is tell you this can’t imagine the trouble some of them might try to get you into. Remain true to you.

Never forget God, because He’ll never forget you. I don’t know if you’ll be doing well spiritually when you read this about 700 days from now. You could be on a spiritual high after finally going on your first mission trip. You could be in a spiritual low still in the nothingness. Turn to God, He’ll give you what you need. Your faith in Him is as absolute as it’s always been. I hope this is an unneccessary reminder, but you never know.

Your paitience is probably your greatest asset. Don’t loose it. Look past the toes of your shoes and keep your perspective intact. Don’t be rushing off when the opppurunity arises, rushing off is rash, unthought out, getting ahead, and dangerous. God will give you the relationships you will need in His timing. So just wait on Him. Sometimes you’ll have to live with the consequences of your actions and sometimes you’ll have to pick yourself up, wipe off the dust, and keep going. You’ll be a better person for it.

-From the PastYou 700 days ago