What Happened to the Woman at the Well?

If you consider yourself a Christian and a brother / sister to all Christians in the world, then I need you to pray for your sister and the community in which she lives / lived.

It must have been a really hot day and she must have been really thirsty. Even if there was a sign that said that Christian women couldn’t drink from a particular well, she wouldn’t have been able to read it because she was illiterate. Somebody came up and told her to convert to the regional religion so that she would be allowed to drink from the well freely. Because she couldn’t read, she wasn’t able to sign the document that would have been a binding contract of conversion. So, in accordance with the local religion, she was imprisoned and charged with blasphemy. The sentence: death.

When word of this reached a local governor, he decided to take his wife and his daughter to the prison and meet the woman to hear her story from her point of view. He realized that this was a misuse of the blasphemy law(s) and did everything in his power to set this woman free. One day, in the capital of this country, the bodyguard of this governor turned on the man he was supposed to protect and he shot him dead saying that his criticism of the blasphemy laws was in itself, blasphemy.  There were two other people who agreed with the governor that this was a misuse of the blasphemy laws – one of them has since been assassinated as well.

Those of you who never let other kids bully your little brothers and sisters, it’s time to step up to help your siblings in a far away land. Word of Christ has reached this region, now it’s time to back it up with the love of Christ. Christians once annoyed the Romans by giving out to everybody who had need – and not just to other Christians. Christians once took in plague victims that others were kicking out of their homes. Let our legacy be a noble addition to this tradition – not just “… and so the Christians ignored their brothers and sisters in their time of need.”


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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