What I really miss …

You know, those family dramas – the ones where there is a mother figure and a father figure who really care about their kids. They are strict enough to teach their kids the values of being good. They know how to talk about consequences. You see, I’m watching a family movie. Now it’s a commercial where they’re talking about a new “family” drama … it has lying, mysterious disappearances, and that’s just to get you interested about watching it. The other show has lying too, murder, embezzlement, to top it all off, the third show is all about secrets and teenage pregnancy – you can see why I don’t really watch these family shows … they are anything but. I remember shows where the main characters were usually above reproach – at least, never guilty of anything deserving of prison time. There was this concept called morality. It’s a little strange to the modern sensibility so I’ll give a good old example: Junior gets a f- on a test because he was up late watching movies and he failed to study. (F-, by the way was the grade below F it was usually written in Red meaning ‘Stop! – you can do better’) His concerned teacher calls Pa who sits down with Ma to discuss what they can do to encourage Junior to get good grades. When Junior comes home and says that school went well and fails to mention that he failed a test, his parents ground him for a few weeks, take away his television privileges (as this situation comedy likely takes place before the introduction of computers into modern society) and tells him that he will have to miss Friday’s game and spend the time studying to re-take the test. Lesson: Own up to your mistakes and learn from them. I don’t seriously think that “family” dramas about murderous lying unrealistic teenagers do effect their real-life counterparts in the least … but if you ask me the absence of the family values seen in the old shows like Family Matters, Full House, Step-by-Step, The Cosby Show, etc. have already started to make an impact and it’s certainly not for the better.


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