If God is good … then what went wrong?

There is a certain program I’d rather not watch but oftentimes is left on Sunday mornings. Just when the show is over the announcer throws in an ad for another series that goes something like: “If God is good, then what went wrong?” First of all, God is good – but He is also holy. His wrath can be terrible, but the objects thereof are both (1.) warned and (2) provided a way out. By nature, humans are enemies of God on account of that sin thing. However, Jesus’ sacrifice paved the way for us to become sons and daughters of God and recieve many blessings beyond that even which we can bear. Which goes back to the fact that God is good enough to make a way for his enemies to become his children. So that leaves us with “what went wrong?” Well, of course, that sin thing. It threw quite a wrench into the works. Now it occurs to me that all the major events of history might be the best overall possible timeline that God knows will work things the way he wants them to (because He wrote it this way) for future events to unfold according to His will. In other words – it’s not as if a wrench in the machinery can prevent God from doing whatever He likes with it, after all, He’s the creator of the world and the ultimate author of our destiny. He already has that sin thing taken care of. So that leaves it up to the individual to choose between salvation or continuing to go wrong in their ways and thinking.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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