We Sing This Song EVERY Sunday (and I still can’t sing it.)

My church has a theme song. Now that I think back on it, it’s not the first one. My grandparent’s church would always end each Sunday service by singing the first verse and chorus of “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” it was written by a lady named Doris Akers in 1962. It was inspired by an occasion when she was worship leader at her church and the practice was going so well, she was hesitant to end it so the rest of church could stick to the schedule.

The second one sings the first verse “The Family of God” which is a Gaither hymn that was inspired by a faithful church sticking with one of it’s families through a tough time they were going through. They sing this hymn at the start of every Sunday.

I’m not exactly a fan of songs older than I am, especially ones I’m not able to sing. I know that churches encourage a ‘joyful noise’ but I just can’t. It would be the equivalent of going to a New York Philharmonic Orchestra and volunteering to play as first chair with them with only three months practice and no performance experience whatsoever. I feel that every time the elders pull out their hymnals and sing, they’ve got it down and any contribution from me would detract from their perfection.


One thought on “We Sing This Song EVERY Sunday (and I still can’t sing it.)

  1. Completely agree. I was raised a Baptist until I was about 8 or 9, then we changed to a non-denominational church. Now my wife and I have been going to a Methodist church for near on 20 years and I still don’t know any of the hymns. Not that I’d sing even if I did. Singing should be left to those with ability.


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