A Season of Questioning

I think now more than ever I find myself asking: How did Christianity wind up here? What happened along the way? Have they always believed this way? For me, asking questions is the beginning of wisdom. I never ask a rhetorical question – to me, every question has an answer and it’s important to find it.

In some of the Bible Studies I’ve been to, the questions are all scripted, the answers are all prepared. They will never be asked an unexpected question. They will never have to search for it’s answer.

Some churches take the ‘it is because we said so’ approach to explain everything. They might go so far as ‘the Bible clearly states that …’ But does that gives an individual a basis of belief when they are tested? Why then, if faith in Jesus is such a personal thing, does the church take an impersonal mass-distribution approach?

People out there are asking questions the church isn’t prepared to answer. They’re facing trials and are losing ground. It’s okay to ask any question because that helps you to seek answers. Don’t stop questioning.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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