More than just any old dream …

“I can’t believe that God would send people who never got a chance to hear about Jesus when they were alive to Hell after they died.”

I think there’s something about how Christianity is taught that many people don’t learn how to respond to this challenging statement. There is an unspoken assumption here that’s something like this: ‘Christians are supposed to tell people about Jesus, but not all countries are open to Christians preaching. If Christians don’t visit these countries, then people will never hear about Jesus and have the opportunity to be saved.’ A Calvinist might respond saying, according to predestination, God knew that many such people would not have believed in Him anyway and would be condemned to Hell. But, for those who are predestined to go to Heaven, there’s no way for them to resist His call in their lives.

While yes, God has sent Christians to spread the message about Jesus, we’re not the only possible method of getting that message across. There have been a some reports of people in the Middle East having dreams that lead them into having faith in Jesus. They are able to speak to people they know around them. Ones who knew them before and after – they see the change in their lives and they want to know what’s going on. What could be a better witness in places where other Christians cannot go? What’s more, that deep down personal connection to Jesus is their anchor when things get really tough. His love supports them when they could lose everything.

I watched this documentary just now – one of many where just that happens. Now I know that my God is real and my God is powerful. His miracles do not cease and there is no limit to the wonders He can do with us and through us. God calls each and every one of us … what is your response?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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