Shiny Medal

I’m bad, and that’s good. I will never be good, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be, than me.“― The Bad Guy Affirmation

Thanks to the magic of technology, I picked up Wreck-it Ralph for free when I connected my Vudu streaming account with Disney Anywhere Movies. I admit to being intrigued when the movie came out, but never really got around to watching it until now. I’m sure glad I did.

“Just because you’re a bad guy doesn’t mean you have to be a bad guy.”

I think what I liked most is the struggle that Ralph has trying to re-define who he is. Sometimes his very nature of being the bad guy is exactly what is needed to do the right thing. Ralph also reminds me of Shrek and Grug in that they’re all three big guys trying to deal with a world that defines them as one thing when they don’t always see themselves the same way. Ultimately though, they realized that the world’s definition of who they were supposed to be is what narrowed them to betray their ideal selves.

We meet Shrek in his swamp, he lived in all the comforts of home, he had a table, a recliner, a lovely view, and lots of peace and quiet until the neighbors were settled there prompting his adventure to get his home back to the way it was before. Everywhere he goes, people tend to be frightened of him: “Grab your torch and pitchfork!”

Grug and his family live in a cave, even though every day is a struggle to survive, they manage to thrive together. And even when the world literally changes on him overnight, he comes to accept that he’s capable of more and finds a way to leave the cave behind: “Never not be afraid.”

And so it is with Ralph. His home gets wrecked and relocated to the dump. Understandably upset, he decides to get his home back by destroying the building where the stump used to be a brick at a time. But that’s his video game back story. In the movie he’s the villain of the video game for thirty years and decides that it’s time to be the hero for once: “I’m gonna wreck it!”

It’s kind of hard to do your job when nobody likes you for doing it.

The video game world is clear-cut. Good guys get rewarded, bad guys get punished. Good guys get friends, bad buys get support groups. Good guys get invited to parties to eat cake, bad guys don’t. Even when the game isn’t being played, that status quo didn’t change. Truth was, even though Ralph was the bad guy, he really wasn’t a bad guy. And the adventure he goes on is really worth watching.

Why do I fix everything I touch?
Wreck-it Ralph

One thought on “Shiny Medal

  1. I know this is an atypical post for me, but I only know one way to learn something I don’t know how to do: try it out. I just used this post to figure out what ‘Featured Image’ does and how to add an image into the post itself. So it has a purpose – hopefully in the future I’ll be able to add in images (if I remember to.) Seriously though, it’s a good movie … and it was free.


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