All The World Wonders

IN each century since the beginning of the world wonderful things have been discovered. In the last century more amazing things were found out than in any century before. In this new century hundreds of things still more astounding will be brought to light. At first people refuse to believe that a strange new thing can be done, then they begin to hope it can be done, then they see it can be done — then it is done and all the world wonders why it was not done centuries ago. – The Secret Garden

It seems to me odd that with all the changes that have taken place in the last two hundred or so years as compared with the centuries before it that we still are a people that have a difficult time accepting change. Sometimes I think we are fighting the same battles fought time and time again, repeated for each and every country to live out until we learn that all people are equal and deserve respect.

We have thousands and thousands of years of history that boils down to: inequality leads to oppression leads to violence. It’s a broken record that has played itself over and over again with pretty much every kind of inequality imaginable. It leads me to the conclusion that humanity is not capable of maintaining an unequal oppression-free society and yet has not figured out how to have an equal opression-free society.

Why shouldn’t we treat all people equally? Why should this person get more and that person get less? Why should that person be suspicious and the other person guiltless? Why should that person be considered less and this person be considered more? Done one more lost life make any difference in the bucket of people who died because of oppression? Does this kind of life have more value than that kind of life?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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