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The other day, I was looking at various blog entries when one of them caught my eye. It was from a user who had been a Christian up until the point that nobody could answer their questions. They were consumed with seeking after the answers no matter where they went and ultimately, the answers that person found led them outside of Christianity altogether. His or her blog entry pointed out that many Christians are afraid to question the assumptions their faith is based upon. They are so afraid that they won’t even examine the work of atheists or agnostics for fear that their logical arguments would also lead them to give up the faith.

It is the nature of faith to believe in something no matter what the evidence says. Sure, evidence lends credibility, but there is scientific proof that people will still believe something strongly even if it’s been proven incorrect (perseverance of beliefs.) There is also confirmation bias – where one usually finds proof of what they expected to find. The Bible is full of statements that could be made to support either or both viewpoints. If you want to find proof of what you believe, you can find it in some chapter, some verse, or some series of chapters and verses together that can be interpreted to support what you believe it says so long as you don’t pay any attention to all to what it actually said, it’s cultural context, or it’s historical context.

Perhaps it’s for that reason why many just accept what they are taught from their pastors without question. Surely, he has studied these things and knows the truth of Scripture. But that doesn’t always give them a strong personal reason for belief. I sincerely doubt anybody will speak for themselves on Judgement Day by reciting the Baptist Faith and Message or other belief statements from their denomination that they had memorized.

Ultimately all of us must ask ourselves: What do I believe and why do I believe it?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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