It had been a long winter. The cold had lingered long past its season. The flowers and trees still slept as the first signs of Spring had been missed entirely. Perhaps they were dreaming of Summertime. So the continuing bleakness of winter left all the land in an uncertain icy mist. Hope was the only seed that didn’t need warm soil, cool water, or blazing sunlight to sprout. It slowly and silently grew despite plunging tempertures, slippery ice, and storms of driving and cutting snow. Still, winter cannot last. By the slow motion of the planet around it’s sun, the conditions simply fade over time. Hope produces a beautiful flower that has no equal on earth. As spring finally arrives, everything seems to be made better in it’s newness. There is a reason green is the color of hope – it is a precursor to a rainbow of colors, the aroma of dazzling flowers, and the taste of sweet berries. I think that I have been in a spiritual Winter for far too long. I have missed the first few signs of Spring because I was dreaming of Summer. All I have is a little bit of hope, but I want to grow a field carpeted with hope as far as the eye can see in all directions. I want to pull out the weeds of bitterness and disappointment. I want to find out what church was really meant to be and figure out how to be happy with my faith. Hope is all I have for now. Let’s find out how it grows together.



...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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