Looking out the living room window, he felt simply unsatisfied. Were it a year ago, he would have an entirely different perspective. He would have seen lush green fields, countless wildflowers of all colors, tall trees swaying in the breeze, and gentle old rivers bellow an immense blue sky with large white clouds. He would have seen the smiling faces of his neighbors as they greeted him. He had ventured beyond the borders and seen the rest of the known world. From ancient ruins to brand new towns – he had been to other places too fantastic to imagine and too terrible to revisit in nightmares. The people out there were mighty warriors, beautiful artisans, and extraordinary regular folk going about their day. That was when homesickness sunk in. Now that it was all over, being back home felt like a betrayal of a larger truth. It was like trying to be happy with a little while possessing a treasure map that promised so much more. Would you not also seek it out in time? Likewise, those of us who have taken spiritual journeys tend to fill unsatisfied when everything goes back to normal as if nothing at all had ever happened. We need the support of those who are also different. We need the patience of those who don’t know what we have been through as we deal with the aftereffects of everything that has happened. When you have been there and back again, you will not return the same.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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