Individualistic Collective

Just the other day, a post card was left in my mail-box from the letter carrier requesting that donations for a food drive be left beside the mailbox so that it can be picked up and sent to a program like Feeding America. I remarked that it would be nice if more churches in the area would do something like that. Some churches in this area have a food pantry you have to come to the church to get food, provided that is, that you know they exist and where the church is located and have the means and ability to drive to them and get the food.

My current church did Operation Christmas Child and Toys for Tots around December, but we’re nearing the half-way through the year mark and so far they haven’t done anything else that I know of. It seems to me that much of the area churches are far too small – they’re not really able to impact their own communities, so it’s no wonder that they can’t do very much in terms of mission trips. They do the best can in taking care of their own with the resources they have.

Imagine though, how much resources these churches would have if they combined forces, all met in the largest building, taking turns throughout the day. They could sell the other buildings or convert them into warehouses, shelters, or community service centers from which to do more. That’s what the Acts church managed to do – share resources. Of course, they weren’t modern Americans, so individualism wouldn’t have been the ideal that their community was founded upon. That’s where our churches will ultimately fail, standing alone means there’s no one to help pick up the pieces after the whole budget has been spent, the loans are past due, and the doors are closed permanently. It’s not all bad news, one day a missionary from another country might come to teach us how to be a christian community that’s built on our collective interests of helping each other out so that we can help our communities out.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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