Mother’s Day is Not Enough

The one nice thing about Pokémon is the concept of the Princess Festival – for the duration there are drastic discounts at stores for women only. Undoubtedly, it would be one of the biggest shopping days of them all – after all, who could resist brand new clothes for 70% off the original price? Oddly, this idea hasn’t caught in the states … though it should.

Today is Mother’s Day, one special day set aside to honor Mom. Many will buy fresh flowers (25-33%), for others, chocolate is a given – as well as a card. These tokens can only say in part how we feel about that special someone. That feeling is something more profound – deeper than words can say.

But one day isn’t really enough if you ask me. Well, technically two days if you count her birthday. It’s just not enough to celebrate everything that a Mom is. I’d only be satisfied if we celebrated Mom’s Day once each month to show her how grateful we are each month for everything. Setting aside a day to take her wherever her heart desires, to do anything that she’s been wanting to do but has been putting off for one reason or another, to find a restaurant with a good gluten-free menu, to search for that one thing that she’s been wanted but has been unable to find … and she deserves so much more that Mother’s Day is not enough.

Which brings up something well, strange. Someone had written a post about how to be a manly man on Mother’s Day, glossing over the value of the day and focusing on manliness. I don’t know why someone would feel the need – but I hope they’re okay if I do a “How to be a feminine woman on Father’s Day” post. It’s a little odd – like taking Martin Luther King Jr. Day as a day to celebrate General Robert E. Lee’s accomplishments. A day set aside for Mom should be about Mom, not masculinity.

Talking about the Mother’s Day church service, my mom very wisely said: “Sometimes you just have to be happy for other people.” We’ve been to enough of them to know what will happen, usually flowers are given out, for the oldest mother, for the youngest mother, for the mother with the most children … it can be a very trying experience for the women who have been trying for months and still aren’t pregnant, the ones who are going through IVF, the ones that lose pregnancies, and single women who aren’t sure what the future holds for them. A day all about Mom reminds them of what they aren’t … yet. But you can be certain that their very first Mother’s Day will be a special one. Still, we are of the opinion that there has to be a better way, singling out ‘winners’ just feels wrong and it’s awkward for some of them for more than one reason. What the Church really needs to do is to find a way to acknowledge mothers by awarding them all equally or not at all. Motherhood is not a contest and should not be made into one each year.

Happy Mothers Day


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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