It Is Left Up To You

Happy International Left-Hander's Day! (August 13th)

Happy International Left-Hander’s Day! (August 13th)

Today is International Left-Hander’s Day. It often goes with little or no attention at all – and that’s understandable because about ninety percent of the world is right-handed and they have enough things to do in their day that don’t involve figuring out how lefties manage to do everything backwards. But it is nice to know that at least one day out of the year left-handed people get to feel special in a good way. So I celebrated my special day by posting a glowing review for a can opener that has made my left-handed life much easier.

It got me to thinking that everybody should have their own day – and not just a birthday. But a special day where they are recognized, encouraged, honored, and uplifted. It’s so easy for us to go about our day that we don’t often think about what other people are going through. We don’t always reach out to the people around who feel ignored and we miss out on opportunities to connect with people and tell them how much they matter. Times have also been challenging for the past few decades – if it’s not one thing it’s another and so everybody could use a little encouragement. There are quite a few people I’d like to encourage right now because I know that they deserve their very own day.

I believe that we do need to celebrate the brighter nature of humanity – kindness, compassion, helpfulness, charity and to remember that our humanity is at it’s worst when we don’t see other people as our equals but as something lesser. So I imagine it would be a day where we would do our bet to do right by each other. That’s the sort of day that I would enjoy being a national holiday. Something to get us started in the direction of doing right by each other every day. What about you? What national holiday would you like to create?


2 thoughts on “It Is Left Up To You

  1. Open Someone’s Eyes Day: On this day a person would make it their task to spread positive knowledge about a group which is suffering prejudice, which might not even be directed at them by the majority, but by another group who are so wrapped up in their own narrow agenda that they’ve lost perspective.
    This wouldn’t be easy, it means controlling one’s own demons, and making the message not strident but factual while being assertive.
    But in my experience nothing worth doing is ever easy work


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