Good Help is Hard to Find

I was thinking about how the Bible says that all American Christians have the right to bear arms at all times and how many believers like to say, “Were it not for our guns, we’d be speaking a foreign language under a dictatorship. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!”

I was thinking about how the Bible says that all American Christians must marry young and have as many children as possible and how some believers like to say, “Children are an arrow-like blessing that can be shot at the heart of the enemy through which America’s blessings from God will be secured for faithful generations to come.”

I think in both cases there’s an element of fear. What would become of Christian America if our faith in God alone came first in everything? What does it say about your faith if you credit guns for your security more than God? What does it say about your faith if you believe God, but just in case opt to have as many children as possible to increase the odds that at least one of them will become influential in society.

Sure, we like God, He’s great; but there are other things and beliefs that we like better. We trust them slightly more. After all, it seems that God sometimes needs our help so that we can take credit for how our actions paved the way for God to come through for us. Perhaps there’s an element of fear – that if we really did put away all of our guns that for some reason or another God might not come through for us. After all, the Israelites were his chosen people and he permitted them to be exiled and persecuted. There’s no telling what he might allow to come to pass to those of us who aren’t among the chosen people without having some guns around just in case.

We’re predisposed to liking numbers anyway; ‘there’s safety in numbers’ ‘numbers don’t win a battle, but they surely do help’ ‘some is good, but more is better’. That’s the thinking we inherited from an ancient world where death was a constant companion. Where young and old died with such startling regularity that it was really easy for a family name to disappear from history for a lack of numbers. That might be why ancient men had so many wives (and concubines), to increase the chance that at least some of their sons would live long enough to get rich enough to take care of them in their old age. It would have been seen as foolish for one man to have one wife with only one child or just a few children. It would have to be the ultimate test of faith to trust God without helping him in any way to do that which He has promised.

That’s why so many describe a spiritual poverty here in the states – with so many people never needing to rely on God, their spiritual lives are somewhat lessened compared with their third world brothers and sisters who depend upon God for absolutely everything. With so many people who know and understand how the world works, there’s no need to believe that everything comes from God or is ordered by God as those who do not know about such things tend to believe. When we have God’s back, it’s difficult to believe that he has ours. When we say ‘God helps those who help themselves’ what we’re really saying is that we’re not sure that God will help us when we aren’t in a position to help Him help us. Faith is just something that’s hard to come by these days.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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