What’s the Truth?

Let’s say you had a friend who has been struggling with their faith for the longest time. Let’s say that they grew up in a church and have some Christian background – but are questioning if it was the right one. How would you reintroduce them to the truth of the gospel message? Where would you start?


3 thoughts on “What’s the Truth?

  1. That’s a challenging question.
    I think it would depend on which part of Christianity they were coming from, and me being Catholic, which seems to raise warning flags in so many folk.
    It would probably be best to start from a common ground as to whether the person is comfortable with the basic that Jesus Christ came in to the world to save us from ourselves, and move on and out from there.

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    • Since the person in question is me; Protestant Christianity, more specifically, the Southern Baptist denomination.
      I wonder why people have so many problems with you being Catholic – without your faith as the historic roots of the Church, none of us would be here. But then again – given the increasing power of Reformed Theology – it exists just to affirm the 5 Solas which is trying to assert that one is as not Catholic as humanly possible while being a 5-point Calvinist.
      At this point – I’m not even sure what Jesus saves us from. Calvinism says Jesus saves only the elect from their sins, Arminianism says Jesus saves anyone who would choose to be saved from their sins having been known beforehand that they would by God and therefore destined to do so.

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      • Some antipathy to Catholicism goes back to the Reformation, Counter-Reformation and so forth and has become something of a tradition almost
        In other cases and some groups in this era being anti-Catholic has become fashionable and the one prejudice you are allowed to indulge in in public and paradoxically appear to your said group as progressive and enlightened. It’s complicated.
        Within the mainstream of Catholicism the prevalent belief is that Christ died for us all and thus redemption is there for everyone if they are willing to accept they have sinned and repent.
        Thus in some respect Catholicism can be seen these days are ‘easy going’; although only if you take the confession of sins seriously, which itself can be a heavy thing to do.
        It would seem to me, from where I am, the personal relationship between the believer and God and Jesus is the cornerstone, for at the end of the day God is the one who in the Final Word.


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